360° Marketing with Doğan Burda

Turkey’s biggest magazine group, Doğan Burda reaches an audience that has a high education and income level. It offers 360° degree marketing opportunities through event organizations that leave an impact on their audience, by drawing strength from its ever-increasing digital world presence.

We influence a highly exclusive audience in all consumer segments of the digital world, thanks to our over 4 million followers on social media, 12 million individual monthly visitors on our websites, and our influencer network.

This is in addition to the prominent guests we host at more than 100 events each year.

Why a Content and Event Studio?
The need for a combination of content and event always arises when executing special projects, during which we go beyond standard advertising work. We decided to form a creative studio with the goal of adding the know-how we have acquired through the years to these two complementary areas.

We listen to you and work to understand your needs with our expert editors, designers, and marketing and advertising teams, offering you the following tailor-made services:

Let’s go beyond advertising; let’s tell your story with superior content and events executed through trustworthy channels.

We specialize in out-of-the-ordinary marketing projects!

Native Advertising
Event Organization
Content Marketing
Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

"We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in."

CRAIG DAVIS, Ex CCO, J. Walter Thompson


We apply years of superior content and event experience to offer creative ideas for your native advertising and events, as well as for your content, influence and word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing and rich media needs. We develop 360° projects through integrated solutions gathered under one roof.

Native Advertising

We produce superior native advertising both in text and video formats. We deliver your marketing messages to consumers in a way that is enjoyable to them, thanks to premium content and different native constructions. We achieve the most effective viral solutions by utilizing our expansive social media network.

Event Organization

We are there for you with our event organization services, which include street parties, conferences aimed at the business world, cooking courses, fashion panels, and more. We ensure the message reaches a wide audience by going beyond the event itself through communication during and after the event.

Content Marketing

We offer complete solutions for your Content Marketing needs. Our expert editors produce exceptional texts, visuals and videos any subject you need, such as fashion, finance, health, technology, beauty, cuisine, sports, shopping, automotive, and travel. Superior content is our forte!

Rich Media Works

Our creative team at the Content and Event Studio provides creative, rich media solutions. We achieve much more interaction in comparison to standard banner projects, thanks to our websites' structures and to solutions that are tailor-made for the target audience.

Influencer Marketing

We offer comprehensive influencer marketing solutions with our expansive network in diverse categories. We ensure the most effective way to promote your products and services by overseeing content quality. Furthermore, with the participation of Doğan Burda's editors and publications, we take influencer marketing to the next level.

Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

We bring your products to the most appropriate audience, which we select among our publications' readership. We train our audience to apply WOM marketing techniques and entice them to be active, especially on social media. We share the tailor-made content through our publications, social media and influencer networks deemed to be the most suitable, and prepare detailed reports.

Content & Event Studio Team


What is Native Advertising?

We live in an era of endless media. This is a contrast to the old days when advertising and communication channels were limited to a small range of media. Today we struggle to influence people with advertising almost anywhere they are. But this subjects people to a barrage of advertising. Advertisers’ messages can get mixed up. More significantly, ads become trivial and uninteresting. People try to avoid them. Studies show that click-through rates on banner ads are dropping each year.


Where to Begin Content Marketing

Content marketing has become the most popular digital marketing venue in recent years. Even if you have a little interest in the digital world or marketing, you may have seen the “content is king” cliché on every social media platform or publication. Though it is such a popular subject, many businesses are clueless about content marketing. Most companies are aware of the importance of marketing yet don’t have much of an idea about how to use it. So, what to do and where to begin?


10 Ways to Create More Sharable Content

Before creating shareable content on social media, you must first try to understand why people share content and the psychology behind it. Then, you can begin to create shareable content. When looking for topics for your content, consider new trends, data, and publications. Your content should be better than anything that was previously created on your subject. Make sure to use both of these resources if you want to develop shareable content.


11 Ways to Use Video in Content Marketing

Are you planning to allocate a budget for video? Whether it’s a one-time-only production to reach thousands of people or a long-term, large-scale project targeting hundreds of thousands of people, investment in video is generally hard to assess and approve. That’s because video usually don’t result in direct response.


5 Tips to Get Your Content Read More

Almost everyone in digital marketing keeps talking about how vital it is to develop content for your brand. If you have decided to start developing content but lack experience in the field, your greatest problem is spending hours on content with no idea if anyone will read it.


14 Lessons to Learn When Doing Content Marketing

There is a lot of confusion regarding content marketing that is on the rise, talk of the town, regarded highly, cool, or popular. We compiled some key facts for those considering working in content marketing or developing their own content marketing projects. Since each heading could be a separate blog subject, we tried to sum them up as much as possible.


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