Before creating shareable content on social media, you must first try to understand why people share content and the psychology behind it. Then, you can begin to create shareable content. When looking for topics for your content, consider new trends, data, and publications. Your content should be better than anything that was previously created on your subject. Make sure to use both of these resources if you want to develop shareable content.

Understanding the Psychology of Sharing

The first step to making sure your content is shared is to study the behaviors of people who reply to the posts made by companies or media organizations that create content in areas similar to yours. What motivates people to do something on the social media? Why do they share the content? The main thing to keep in mind regarding this is that people receive a social reward when they share a content.

What Do Your Content Give Back to Readers in Return?

When your visitors share you content, they accept that the content appeals to them and creates a bond with them, and they somewhat embrace the content. Therefore, they will immediately share the content that makes them look good. But, can your content do this?

According to a study conducted by the University of Pensilvanya to understand the psychology of sharing, people share content for five main reasons:

These are:

  • Positive articles have a better chance of being shared
  • People share astounding articles more
  • People build a bond with others by sharing a content
  • People share more of a content that is relative to their own identities and believes.
  • People share more of a positive or controversial content that emotionally stimulates them.

How Can You Make Your Content More Shareable?

If you have really grasped why people share content, you should now use this information to create content that is shared more. It’s difficult to talk about general rules that apply to every brand to increase sharing. As you know very well, marketing is somewhat a gray world, and it does not allow you to draw black and white lines that much. You can draw inspiration from the following ideas to create content that is shared more.

  1. Make sure your content has a personality. Readers tend to share the content more when they feel a bond with the writer.
  2. People enjoy reading and sharing new information and metrics. Thus, try to display data on the work you do.
  3. Develop content that stirs up emotions. As you touch your readers’ lives, you will see that this will result in more sharing.
  4. No one would recommend to others the content written by someone they don’t trust. For that reason, try to be an opinion leader in the industry. Once you prove yourself as a trustworthy source, your readers will tend to share your content more.
  5. Try asking your followers on the social media or to the people in your email list to find out what content subjects they would like to see. Let your customers know when you develop content based on their suggestions. Rest assured, once they feel themselves as a part of the production process, they are bound to share your content.
  6. Social media analyses demonstrate that visual-heavy contents are clearly shared more. So, when distributing your content, try using visuals and making these visuals more appealing.
  7. A content that is easier to read will be shared more. Inserting medium headers and using visuals throughout the content make it easier to read, and as a result, it will be shared more.
  8. One of the biggest mistakes people do when creating content is to provide complicated information in an effort to distinguish themselves. Use an easy language as if you’re talking to the reader. Remember that readers tend to share the content they feel attached to.
  9. It’s a fact that most people don’t just copy-and-paste the link on the address line so as to share it on their social media account. Therefore, make sure to utilize technology to get people to share your content. Add visible share buttons to your content. If possible, upon leaving the website, ask people if they liked the content, and if so, use a polite language to invite them to share this comment.
  10. Examine what your target audience is sharing on the social media platforms and why. Analyze your target audience by using the clues you’ve gathered. These analyses will facilitate you to find more effective methods to create shareable content.

Author: Sercan Çalbak