Almost everyone in digital marketing keeps talking about how vital it is to develop content for your brand. If you have decided to start developing content but lack experience in the field, your greatest problem is spending hours on content with no idea if anyone will read it. Here are some tips for removing this uncertainty and creating superior content that appeals to your target audience.

1- Make sure to use an original presentation for your content, brand or work on your website, blog or any place your share them. Originality is one of the prerequisites to get the content your present read. Don’t waste your time on subjects that have been worked on countless times by others or on content that is copied from somewhere else. Unoriginal content doesn’t help your brand get head or become distinguished. You must coach your readers into sharing your content by providing buttons such as share on Twitter, Facebook, and so on under or next to it. With this direction, your readers will not only read your content, but also talk about you in their surrounding by sharing it on the social media.

2- At times, content development process can give a feeling that it is insatiable without an end in sight. First of all, you should know that there no end to developing content in the digital world. It’s not about creating lots of content, but making the content you create influential. Don’t produce insignificant content, or do it just for the sake of it. Try to spawn functional content that will really make an impact, draw interest, create curiosity and provide added value. People won’t share the content that does not provide them added value.

Tip: You must set a limit to content creation. If it’s preventing your fundamental tasks that bring in customers such as prospecting, marketing, meeting, and so on, trying to produce content constantly may result in loss of time.

3- When developing content, make sure to follow rules on grammar, title selection and consistency of the text. Similarly, don’t overlook the general rules on using technology by keeping in mind that your content will be published on digital media. Content that is created without due diligence will not only produce the desired results, but it will generate a negative perception about your brand.

3- The next step after producing original content is to gain followers. If you develop contents by using an original message on original subjects, you’ll automatically gain a reader following through both search results and social media sharing. When a reader makes a comment regarding a content you published on your website or blog, or reaches you in anyway, get in touch with them and try to establish a connection. Taking people seriously and showing you care about them leads to higher brand loyalty.

5- Another way to communicate your content to more readers is to feature guest authors on your website or blog where you publish your content. People attach more importance and take more pleasure in reading the views and opinions written by popular experts in your field more than those written by regular people. Moreover, experts that write an article in your blog are sure to share it with their followers on the social media. Publishing a video interview is another option if people, whom you consider to be an expert, are not able to write an article. You can also publish this video not only on your website or blog, but also on your social media accounts.

Tip: When selecting a guest author, try to opt for those with a high reputation on the social media. As they share your article, there will be more traffic on your website, resulting in a positive impact for your brand. Furthermore: Google search results will receive a boost due to the content shared by people with a good reputation.

Author: Sercan Çalbak