Demand is on the rise for shareable content and effective customer-oriented marketing events. Olga Nasalskaya reviews five free online tutorials to help refresh your knowledge and acquire new skills.

Do you know the difference between Virtual Reality
(VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)? Can you use these popular trends to develop content on your website? This tutorial gives you the fundamentals of and shows you the most efficient way to make VR films. Click here for the Cinematic Virtual Reality (CR) tutorial. If that’s not enough, click here for more free CR tutorials.

SEO Strategy
No matter how much you learn about the ever-changing world of search engines and how to use them, there’s always more information to be had. Learn the fundamentals of the job in this tutorial . Everything in the 2015 video still applies today.

Email Marketing
Newsletters are back! Learn the fundamentals of email marketing and how to create effective newsletters . They are both brief. Though this series was created by MailChimp team members, any newsroom can use them; the same principles apply to all email companies.

Video Production
Viewers love DIY videos. You probably have a social media team that produces videos for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest. However, this 13-minute tutorial provides useful information for all copywriters and marketing managers. Learn the ideal length for high-quality shareable videos, video preparation speed, and messages that get response. Do you want to do something more professional and less DIY? Click here to access a free tutorial on how to shoot a professional video with the equipment you already have.

Data Visualization
Two tutorials explain how to make a content more readable and memorable. They are very different from each other. The first one, Visual Thinking: Using Data to Convey Ideas, is 60 minutes long. It demonstrates practical drawing techniques and shows how to ensure that your drawings convey messages quickly and clearly. This skill is helpful when working with editorial producers and designers. The tutorial Compressing the News: Introduction to Data Visualization is not free, but if you register with SkillShare Premium, you can purchase this 87-minute tutorial for $0.99 and cancel anytime you wish. The tutorial shows you how to build data clusters and turn them into appealing and comprehensible graphic.