Content marketing has become the most popular digital marketing venue in recent years. Even if you have a little interest in the digital world or marketing, you may have seen the “content is king” cliché on every social media platform or publication. Though it is such a popular subject, many businesses are clueless about content marketing. Most companies are aware of the importance of marketing yet don’t have much of an idea about how to use it. So, what to do and where to begin?

The answer is actually quite simple. Each business possesses a certain experience and know-how. It’s possible to get started by organizing the experience and know-how to create a story. Think about it. You’ve established a business, received investment. In order to convince your investor, you’ve made a flawless presentation and received the investment by explaining how good you are, what kind of problems you’ve solved, and how you’ll make money. The fact is that there is no difference between your investor and the people whom you aspire to convince to buy your products. It’s possible to make your case online so as to persuade your customers just as you have done with your investor.

Be assured, once you give it some thought, you’ll have tens of experiences and stories popping to your mind to be able tell about your company. Still, here are some tips to help out.

  • Discover and suggest more things about your products, services and offerings.
  • Acquire more information about your area of operation and become an expert in them. As Bacon noted, “Knowledge is power.”
  • Offer tips to the businesses that work with you or to your individual customers on how you can help them with your services.

Why Do Businesses Need to Develop Content?

In the first years of the internet, the rule was simple: “If you’re not in the game, you can’t win.” In order to stay in the game, websites that are suitable to this new medium began to crop up. The sites we are all familiar with and continue to see hundreds of others like them. About us, products, mission and vision and so on… Then came the social media. Companies all opened an account in their names on almost all social media platforms.

Today, the rules of the games are changing completely. First of all, consumer habits have changed entirely. Now, people have learned what to look for on the internet and perform specific searches. Websites are now the primary medium on which we share our company or store with potential customers or stakeholders. With the websites, almost all businesses have turned into a media publisher at the same time. It’s no different on the social media platforms. Our customers and stakeholders follow us on the social media, but what are we telling them to follow us? Does a follower count suffice by itself?

As we all know, Google is one of the primary rule-makers of the game. For its part, Google is advancing itself at a fast speed. Not only our search methods have changed, but Google is sort of demanding enhancement from the websites in many areas so as to return the best search results, and thereby improve customer satisfaction. Google generally pushes aside the websites that have static pages, don’t answer people’s questions properly and create a ratio of immediate exit from the website, and offer content not worthy of sharing on the social media. Falling behind in Google keywords in your field is fatal these days. In contrast, being at the top sort of means having a store at Taksim Square without paying rent.

The notion of content marketing comes into the picture at this stage. Websites that return accurate and relative content, and results that predict the searches succeed in ranking at the top in Google. In the previous paragraph, I’d explained what it means to be at the top spots of the list.

So, Where to Begin?

The starting point must initially be your own website. Do you have a website that is adequate in all aspects? Do you explain your products or services sufficiently? Besides the narrative, do you provide a successful user experience and design?

Following your website, your social media accounts are the second item on list of things to check. Create social media accounts through which you can communicate with potential or existing customers. Remember to ensure that your accounts and their narrative are suitable!

If you believe you’ve a sound website, and you’ve created your social media accounts, but you’re new in content developments, our experiences show that writing a blog is the best way to get started. The blog must convey your story and your views on issues, and it must add value to the readers.

Creating a blog and producing content daily will allow Google to bring it up to the top spots under normal circumstances. With every new content you write, Google will notice you more and index your pages. Naturally, you must have a plan before you open your blog. You must identify the subject matter and develop a strategy for your visitors to decide what they want to do they visit your page. For starters, it’s fine to write about a couple of certain subjects.

“I don’t know what I want to write about.” This notion creates a hurdle for many businesses with regard to developing content. It’s vital to establish your “ideal reader/customer” profile at the start.

  • What kind of problems your website visitors encounter that you can solve?
  • What kind of problems your website visitors are dealing with that you can help?

Remember that writing an article for “everyone” will just cause you to lose your valuable time. Write content for your specific customer profile so as to each out to them in their areas of interest with the wording they are familiar with.

Always remember! Always write for the readers first, then do the SEO configuration of your content. If you are not familiar with SEO configuration, we advice you to get professional help.

Consistency and order are crucial in content marketing. Therefore, try to establish a plan. If you’ve decided to write once a week, then create a content calendar for the next 4-8 weeks. This is important to make the most of your time. You can plan your time with calendar reminders.

Remember to note the following on your calendar plan:

  • Subject
  • Keyword/Sentence
  • An engaging title
  • Who will write it?
  • Where will it be featured?
  • When will it be featured?
  • Where will it be shared?
  • What will CTA contribute to the article?

Does content marketing consist of only content writing?

The content you use in content marketing can take many different shapes.

  • Blog Message
  • Video
  • Podcast
  • E-book
  • Case Study
  • Slide Shows

You need to put all these in writing so that you can demonstrate expertise in your field. Once you begin creating content, you can analyze them to see which ones are shared the most.

Main gains you can achieve from content marketing

  • You can surpass your competitors in searches because most of them won’t be doing this.
  • You can raise your company profile as an expert in your field. You online reputation will receive a boost.
  • You can acquired more followers.
  • You can turn more readers into customers.

Author: Sercan Çalbak