Braun Series 9 User Test

Project Details

We worked with Braun to develop a word-of-mouth campaign for the Braun Series 9, the world’s most effective shaver.

The main objective of the campaign was to get Braun’s target audience to personally test the Series 9 shaver and share their comments on social media. We publicized the project on Braun’s websites, social media channels, and e-newsletters of our publications aimed at the target audience, amassing 3,000 applications. We selected 50 people based on Braun’s criteria and sent them shavers to test as they please for a week. Afterwards, the users shared their comments and experiences on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with the #braunseries9 hashtag.

The users’ detailed comments were gathered through an online form and shared with Braun.

In addition to user comments, CHIP Online’s editors also gave a boost to the campaign with reviews, videos, and commentary.

  • Client: Braun
  • Publications: CHIP, Atlas, Auto SHOW, Capital
  • Date: September 2016

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