Discovery Expedition at Kızılcahamam with Atlas and Suzuki

Project Details

Atlas magazine and the Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ATO) organized a special discovery expedition in the Kızılcahamam district of Ankara on August 20-21, 2016. Members of the press toured the district’s natural and cultural wonders and explored the geopark’s amazing geological formations in Suzuki’s new Vitara vehicles.

Journalists spent the day in Kızılcahamam-Çamlıdere Geopark, studying geological formations dating back to the Middle Miocene period (15-18 million years ago) and learning about that era of the globe’s history.

The event started with a lunch at the picnic area at Soğuksu National Park. Thirty members of the press participated along with teams from Atlas and ATO, Kızılcahamam’s District governor Mehmet Yıldız, and Muhittin Güney, mayor of Kızılcahamam.

  • Sponsor: Suzuki
  • Publication: Atlas
  • Date: August 2016

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