ELLE BeautyTalks

Project Details

ELLE magazine, the pulse of fashion, organized the 4th ELLE BeautyTalks event sponsored by Le Petit Marseillais, France’s leading personal care brand.

Hosted by ELLE Turkey and Le Petit Marseillais, the event introduced the new series of dry and restorative oils by Le Petit Marseillais.

Le Petit Marseillais brand manager Burcu Koşar provided information to the guests and answered questions about the new dry oil series. Among the participants were prominent fashion and high society personalities Ahu Yağtu, Burcu Güneş, Deniz Marşan, Elif Brav, Ece Vahapoğlu, Gül Gölge Saygı, Pınar Tezcan, and Sibel Karakaşlı.

ELLE Beauty Talks guests had a great time and got a “sneak preview” of the natural, uniquely-scented body care oils from the Mediterranean.

  • Sponsor: Le Petit Marseillais
  • Publication: ELLE Turkey
  • Date: April, 2016

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