Exploration Tour from Bergama to Ayvalık with Renault

Project Details

Atlas and Renault Talisman organized a special exploration tour stretching from the pine tree forests to the Aegean coast. Participants visited Bergama and Ayvalık on May 6-8, 2016, for a unique exploration of nature and culture. Program was called Your Stance Determines the Flow of Life.

Event sponsor Renault provided 12 vehicles for 40 journalists and guests. The first stop was the Kozak Plateau, where participants learned about stone pines. Native only to the Mediterranean Basin, stone pines are the main source of income for that area.

The travelers also made stops at Küçükköy, Cunda Island, and Şeytan Sofrası, about five kilometers from the center of Ayvalık.

  • Sponsor: Renault
  • Publication: Atlas
  • Date: May 2016

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