Garnier’s Messengers

Project Details

World-renowned cosmetics company Garnier wanted to promote its new 3-in-1 care product, Garnier 3-in-1. We developed a WOM marketing project in collaboration with Elele magazine, the most suitable publication for Garnier’s target audience.

Elele collected applications online and selected 1,000 “Garnier messengers” based on criteria set by Garnier. We sent each of these readers Garnier 3-in-1 along with 20 samples of the product and brochures to share with their friends.

We developed and provided content for a blog for Garnier to communicate with Garnier messengers, encouraging them to share their product reviews, photos, and videos on websites, blogs, and social networks.

By the end of the campaign, there were 122,000 discussions about Garnier 3-in-1 and 1,700 product reviews. The client received the messengers’ reports, survey results, and details on intentions to purchase.

  • Client: Garnier
  • Publication: Elele
  • Date: 2014

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