Kühne Delicious Recipes

Project Details

Kühne, one of the world’s premium condiment, dressing and sauce brands, collaborated with Lezzet magazine to promote its 100 percent Pomegranate Syrup product.

We prepared ten different recipes and shot videos for each. We developed a microsite called 100-percent Pomegranate-Syrup Flavors from Kühne to share these videos. Our team handled every stage of production for both the videos and the website.

We made it easier to share recipes such as detox salad, kısır (bulgur salad), pizza, soup, and strawberry tiramisu, all prepared with Kühne 100 percent Pomegranate-Syrup, on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The videos we made for Kühne have had a whooping 250,000 views.

  • Client: Kühne
  • Publication: Lezzet
  • Date: 2016

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