Life is Simpler with Ödeal İşyerim

Project Details

Ödeal İşyerim, a Telera Ödeme Kuruluşu company, is the first-ever application in Turkey that can receive payment from a credit card via mobile phone. Ödeal İşyerim wanted to reach out to businesses and technology experts to expand its customer portfolio and increase awareness of the app. We identified three different channels suitable for introducing this innovative and technological solution to the target audience: Capital magazine, the pulse of the business world; and CHIP and PCnet, Turkey’s top two technology publications.

As part of the project, we developed fun native content: “Business We Wish Accepted Credit Cards.” With emphasis on the notion that life would be better if everyone discovered Ödeal İşyerim, we talked about businesses that could receive payments more conveniently through the card. Readers could watch the Ödeal İşyerim presentation and download the application.

We featured our native content on the websites and social media channels of Capital, CHIP and PCnet.

  • Client: Telera Ödeme Kuruluşu
  • Publications: Capital, CHIP, PCnet
  • Date: May 2016

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