Pick Your Color with Ford Otosan!

Project Details

We brought Ford Otosan and celebrities together at an Elele brunch. At the event, color specialists talked about the importance of color. The Ritz Carlton Istanbul and gathered together prominent television and high society personalities.

Color analyst Oya Komar spoke about the place of color in our lives and the Pick Your Color! concept at the event. Meanwhile, Şerife Çelebi, Color and Material Design Manager at Ford Motor Company revealed the colors used in Ford’s new designs. “We dress vehicles as though they are people, and identify the colors that would suit them the best,” said Çelebi explaining how the colors are selected.

The “color-full” day ended with a pleasant chat and Q&A session with acclaimed personalities such as Yağmur Tanrısevsin, Zeynep Mansur, Yonca Ebüzziya, and Alegra Levi.

  • Sponsor: Ford Otosan
  • Publication: Elele
  • Date: February 2015

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