Tight Friends

Project Details

We organized a “Tight Friends” event to launch a new line of body-firming products from Neutrogena. Many acclaimed names from the art world, media, and society attended a brunch at Backyard hosted by Elele magazine. Tight friends joined Elele and Neutrogena for breakfast and lively conversation with Ece Vahapoğlu, who offered diet and exercise suggestions for the coming summer days. Ece Vahapoğlu offered sports and diet suggestions, while Neutrogena gave tips for tighter skin and a beautiful body in 10 days with the Visibly Renew series.

Attendees included Başak Sayan, Zeynep Mansur, Merve Büyüksaraç, Gökçe Yanardağ, and Şebnem Özinal as well as marquee names in social media. The pre-summer event had everyone talking about strategies for “getting tight.”

  • Sponsor: Neutrogena
  • Publication: Elele
  • Date: March 2016

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