What Remains of My Mother

Project Details

Elele magazine organized a delightful Mother’s Day event in collaboration with Nestlé’s water group, Nestlé Pure Life. “What Remains of My Mother” was the theme of the brunch event, which was hosted by Ayşe Kucuroğlu at Happily Ever After.

Guests included arts and media personalities and distinguished socialites including Ayşe Tolga, Seçkin Piriler, Şebnem Özinal, Zeynep Mansur, Yonca Tokbaş, Derya Coşkundeniz, and Neşe Erberk. The theme: memories of their mothers and the features they inherited from them. Ayşe Kucuroğlu told the guests about her mother’s suggestion to drink water.

  • Sponsor: Nestlé
  • Publication: Elele
  • Date: May 2016

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